2007 Super Boys reunite!


I can’t tell if the tears in my eyes are because of the boys, or that giant logo blocking them.

The 2007 Super Boys, probably the group of Supers with the most brotherhood, reunites once more after over 5 years. Through these 5 years, they’ve survived fires, run away and disappeared, got married, had a kid, and even went to jail. Watch the video below, with either interviews or performances by all of them but Su Xing. I think it’s really warming how almost all of their individual songs were written by themselves or another Super Boy.

8 thoughts on “2007 Super Boys reunite!

  1. Ok it’s been a few days since I first saw this blog but it’s bothering me. Does anyone know what’s the song that Wei Chen performed in the compilation? Thanks :)

  2. Too many feelings from that video!?!?!?!?!!!!!!@#$!@#$!@#4111!!!!!

    (I do kind of miss Wei Chen’s old way of singing, though. I preferred the way he sang his line in “wo zui shan liang” back in 2007.)

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