Drama Romance of the West Chamber finally broadcast, stills featuring Zhou Qiqi released

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Deng Jiajia reassures her mistress that their drama is really finally being broadcast.

Having been filmed in 2010, the drama Romance of the West Chamber has finally started broadcasting. (Though three years isn’t really that long – Yang Mi’s Great Qin Expressway was filmed in 2007 and didn’t come out for some five years, and I’m sure that there are others that waited longer.) For a detailed summary of the traditional plot, you can go look at Wikipedia here; for what the stills that have been released make it out to be, know that it will involve Deng Jiajia as Hong Niang (the maid turned matchmaker) looking more refined and well-off than most young ladies; Zhang Xiaocheng as the romantic young scholar (there aren’t many high quality stills of him, but he is youthful and serious looking enough), and Zhou Qiqi as the young lady who could also pass for a ball-jointed doll. Deng Jiajia’s Hong Niang will also get her own romance story with Qi Ji‘s general Du. Look for stills portraying a very close lady-and-maid relationship below, or watch the trailer. (As a heads up, the pictures below are predominated by Deng Jiajia and Zhou Qiqi).

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