Qi Wei releases two new MV’s

Qi Wei

Gorgeous and fierce – Qi Wei returns to the music scene with an upcoming  solo album.

After making a name for herself in the drama world by portraying fierce, independent female roles, Qi Wei returns to her original occupation of musician with a series of new songs and MV’s.

First up is In order to meet you ft Aska Yang. The song is a theme for an upcoming drama, Love Destiny, finally starring Qi Wei along with iPartment leads Lou Yixiao and Chen He. Watch the MV below English subbed by Jo!

Next up is Us Us, featuring Nathan Lee. Watch the MV below:

4 thoughts on “Qi Wei releases two new MV’s

  1. Aska Yang and Qi Wei sound soooo good together. I was actually really surprised, since Qi Wei’s voice isn’t the typical female voice, but they complement each other quite well. Also, Aska’s voice in general is just ♥.

    I was going to sub the second MV, but…… I felt too awkward watching it. rofl.

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