SingerSen releases “Blue Jellyfish” MV


“Blue Planet, won’t you be lonely without me?” – cries of a jellyfish

The hypnotic singer SingerSen releases another MV from her debut album, The World in My Eyes.

The self-composed song tells of “a beautiful but dangerous blue jellyfish who stumbles upon a man in the sea and her first defensive instinct is to want to kill him with her deadly poison. But instead she is entranced by the charm of his smile, and she swims over and embraces him in love.  However, in due course, the sad stain of the human as hunter plays out as he eventually captures her and strikes to kill her. ”

Read more about SingerSen in her interview with Amy from YAM here and watch the MV below.

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  1. I’ve just discovered her for a few day and I really like her.Unique voice & unique style.Love this song and mv.Do you know where I can find her lyrics translated in english and also could you tell me what others pvs does she have?

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