Photoshoot Round up: Zhou Xun, Wang Likun, Han Geng, and Zhang Danfeng

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Wang Likun helps us transition from the males in b&w shoot.

Valentine’s day has come early this year; Zhou Xun is drenched in pastel pinks and ribbons and flowers for the February edition of Bazaar. Han Geng plays her polar opposite, by dressing the way we imagine a Slytherin would in a Gothic mansion (he even broods witha  snake wound around a silver goblet!) Li Yirao, the gorgeous Consort Yu in the now playing drama The Legend of Chu and Han/King’s War. Zhang Danfeng also makes a cameo in this photo shoot, as the one other male in this return to female-dominated round ups. Look under the cut for more pictures!

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She’s here because the marks underneath her eyes are interesting.



01. Zhou Xun for Bazaar

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02. Li Yirao

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03. Zhang Danfeng
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04. Han Geng
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