Stills from “Beauty at the Crossfires”


Anyone else think he would be a great Lanling King aka the Masked Beauty?

The gorgeous costumes, sets, faces not to mention camera has been inherited by “Beauty at the Crossfires 烽火佳人” , the second in the “Beauty” trilogy following Tang Yan/Luo Jin/Sammul Chan’s “Gone with the Wind 乱世佳人.” It’ll be worth watching just for the visuals with a cast of Shu Chang, Sammul Chan, Qiao Zhenyu, Li Zhinan, and Shi Xiaoqun.


Guess which hottie Li Zhinan is in love with in the novel? Sammul Chan or Qiao Zhenyu?

Watching the trailer here (beware, it tells you the entire plot), you can tell it’s an internet novel with all the “marriage for revenge” thing that I wish wasn’t such a trend. The main character, like the prequel, seems to be a rather soft but smart female character who was pushed into a strong position. I don’t think the character development was superb in the first one, but the plot was intriguing enough, and of course, it always looks pretty.


One of the most underrated of the young actresses, Shu Chang re-takes on a lead role as an artist-hopeful turned business tycoon.


Shi Xiaoqun showing that assassins are the most classy of them.


Did you guess right? Li Zhinan’s character is in love with Sammul Chan’s in the novel. Bets on whether this relationship will remain in the series?



Newcomer Wu Jinyan is graduating from the Beijing Film Academy this year and plays a pair of twins in her first drama.


All he needs is a mask and Qiao Zhenyu could be The Phantom of the Opera.

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