Photoshoots round-up : men in B&W

chen xiaodong bizmode2

Why would Feng Shaofeng need to put on a mask in war and not me? I’m so much prettier.

An all-male photoshoot round-up? Don’t get used to it. But in this testosterone filled drama season, with the top dramas all being war/uprising dramas like the two Sui-Tang dramas as well as The Legend of Chu-Han, there are actually plenty of male photoshoots this time around. Photoshoots from Zhang Han, Yan Kuan, Jing Boran, Jia Nailiang, Zheng Kai, Chen Xiaodong, Huang Haibo and Han Dong in mostly black and white.

yankuan worldlife

Guarding your door since 600 AD – Qin Qiong the door guardian

Yan Kuan for World Life. Yan Kuan’s new series “隋唐演义 The Romance of Sui-Tang.”, where he stars as the heroic rebel leader Qin Qiong.


What are you looking at, Jia Nailiang?

Jiang Nailiang and Zheng Kai for GQ. Zheng Kai’s new “time-travelling” drama “Return to the Tang 梦回唐朝” recently came out. Anyone watched it yet?


@Zheng Kai, not impressed.

Zhang Han for EE-Media follows his Sui-Tang cousin Yan Kuan with a photoshoot. He plays the dashing  knight-in-shining-armor Luo Cheng in the “The Romance of Sui-Tang,” and definitely lives up to his character’s fame.

jingboran figaro

If you can’t look serious with age, you do it by being emo.

Jing Boran for Figaro to continue his general trend of being emo. He plays an assassin in the latest Peter Chan movie, The Guillotines 血嫡子.


Meanwhile, if you can’t look young with age, do it with style?

Huang Haibo for Ours. He’s actually starring in an upcoming comedy with Jing Boran.

chen xiaodong bizmode3

Should I use inches or centimeters?

Chen Xiaodong for Bizmode.
I don’t really remember him from anything else, but this photoshoot is cute, and I have no idea why in the upcoming King of Lanling, Feng Shaofeng needs to put on a mask for being too pretty and not him.

handong photoshoot

Who says you can’t be young, handsome and happy? @everyone above me

Special colored bonus by  Han Dong, who plays the hopelessly-in-love and perfect-in-every-way Manchu prince Dorgon to the equally hopelessly-in-love  but also a jerk Manchu emperor Huang Taiji (Hawick Lau) in Yu Zheng’s new series “山河恋 In love with power.”

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  1. Daniel Chan hits all the right buttons for me until he opens his mouth. It ruins the illusion, lol. Thanks for all the photos!

    Also, is it just me, or are drama leads in the mainland getting hotter? I was dabbling in some modern dramas (urban type fare) over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised by the eye candy. I mean, we all know that there are tons of good looking Chinese guys but it looks like that’s finally being represented on screen.

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