eeMedia 2013 Calendar shoots


Jiang Chao already getting into character for his big screen lead in Tiny Times?

As customary, entertainment company EE-Media did its annual calendar shots this year.   More duo shots here and solo shots below.


Tan Weiwei getting more awesome every year.

You can also find calendar shoots of  other eeMedia artists including Li Yuchun, Tan Weiwei, Zhang Han, Zheng Shuang, Zhu Zixiao, Chai Ge and Karena Lau, on the  eeMedia weibo here. Most of them appear to not be new photos, though.


Top Combine 5-1

More of the 2007 Super Boys here.


Yu Kewei: Don’t think I can’t see those purple tips underneath your wig. You copied my look.

More of the 2009 Super Girls here.
Of note is that iMe is all split and only the Chinese members are in the shoot.

Chen Xiang

Chen Xiang covered in fog? or ripped cotton?

More of the 2010 Super Boys here.

Liu Xin

Liu Xin ready to kick some zombie butt again.

More of  2011 Super Girls here.

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