“The Voice of China” competitors release MV’s


Although a lot of singers are of Yi ethnicity (He Jie, Zhang Liyin, MIC’s Xiaoxin), interestingly enough, the ethnicity that favors tanned beauties haven’t had a famous artist who’s not fair-skinned until The Voice 3rd place Jieke Junyi.

Because I’ve been quite busy this past year, I haven’t been able to pay attention to the music phenomenon of the year – The Voice of China.   A number of the show’s  artists did release MV’s recently, though, and I liked quite a number of them. Here’s a compilation of the ones I found.

Jieke Junyi’s Colorful Black  MV is probably my favorite, although both the lyrics and the MV could be more consistent.

Xu Haixing’s “Haixing/ Sea Star 星海” reminds me of CCTV MV’s for some reason (but without as high a budget). I really wish CCTV could go into pop because their MV’s always seem to have ridiculous budgets. Watch the MV here.

Also listen to Li Daimo/Wu Mochou’s  Sunshine Legend 阳光传奇, Li Daimo and Jieke Junyi’s  “When I remember”, Zhang Wei’s High Song cover. Wang Nai’en (remember him from H.Born and Super Boys?) also finally gets his wish to sing an anime theme here.

2 thoughts on ““The Voice of China” competitors release MV’s

  1. I used to like her. There’s no doubt her voice and looks make her top grade stardom material. But her character is a bit iffy.

    Apparently she’s been painting herself as some pure, untainted ethnic native, when truthfully, she’s been working the night club scene for a while (explains why most of her performances were centered on English songs.) She blatantly lied her way through the competition, to earn votes.

    While her actions were distasteful to me, her talent is real. For that reason, I don’t begrudge her the success she paved for herself. Just wish she did more honorably.

  2. Incredible. Mainland china is getting filled with excelent singers. All the songs by the Voice of China contestants are wonderful.

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