“Yan Yidan – Without fruit”, now subbed!

A postcard-perfect MV for the composer of popular songs like Happy Family’s “Happiness You understand” and Meteor Shower OST’s “Left half of wings.”

Mostly known for composing many of Hunan TV’s most popular theme songs, composer Yan Yidan recently released her MV for her debut album, “Without Fruit.” I love how beautifully-shot the MV is. It’s like the single lens version of most other MV’s. Also a big fan of the use of the calligraphy and seal for the opening credits.

Updated with subs by our wonderful Jo!

6 thoughts on ““Yan Yidan – Without fruit”, now subbed!

  1. This was in The New Bride with White Hair!!! Towards the end this song played.. Made me cry!! T_T I really like this singer. She seems like a promising young talented singer.

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