Amazing collaborations mark this year’s “China Music Awards


Jane: Are you sure you’re not just doing this to divert attention from you and Li Yundi?

Amongst love rivals beating each other up backstage and protestors picketing outside, hopefully this year’s “China Music Awards” will be remembered for the performances of some of cpop’s top musicians instead.  There are so many exciting collaborations, from the expected Jane Zhang and Wang Leehom, to the surprising Zhang Ziyi and Jay Chou, to random pairs like Zhang Jie and Angela Zhang, or the brilliant duet by Karen Mok and Li Yuchun.

My personal favorite  –  Li Yuchun and Karen Mok’s “Roses”

I know everyone in China ships Li Yundi and Wang Leehom, but I’m still not giving up on the girl of his dreams, Jane Zhang.  The pair finally sings the full song conceived in a dream – Another Heaven .

Also watch  Yu Kewei and Pan Yueyue’s “Dream Fields 梦田”  here,  Angela Zhang and Zhang Jie’s  “When you believe” here,   Jay Chou and Zhang Ziyi’s performance here,  Kenji Wu and Wang Xiaomin’s “Everything for you 全部都给你” here, and Zhang Rui and Xin Xiaoqi’s “Embrace with love 深情相拥” here. And finish it up with an all-star collaboration of Descendents of the Dragon!  :

6 thoughts on “Amazing collaborations mark this year’s “China Music Awards

  1. At first I was I thought the Yundi/Leehom ship was cute, but now people are taking it way too seriously and have started conjuring up random stuff as “proof” or what not and it I search for Leehom news it’s all that pops up, to the extent that I’ve just about had it . I’m pretty sure they are just friends, though I could careless…

    • Sorry I just needed to rant that. I really enjoyed the performance though and they are awkwardly cute haha. My Leehom and Amei ship though *tear tear

      • I think ships are always cute, but only as ships. I feel like when the media starts reporting on it or when fans start asking the artists about it, then it’s not okay. Fans conjure up all sorts of proof, but they don’t take it seriously, but then the media starts writing about it as if its real … and certain fans start asking the artists themselves about it … urgh. why ruin ships for the rest of us? T_T

        • Lol and I guess Leehom’s had just about enough too since he posted what he did on weibo. But seriously the amount of backlash/hate he’s getting for ruining all of China’s shipping fantasies is ridiculous and I’m really sad for him.. :(

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