“SOP Queen 2 : The Queen’s Epoch” male cast photoshoot


I bet Zhang Han wishes “H4” of Meteor Shower were rich enough to dress like this.

The wonderfully crafted SOP Queen continues its  trend of great fashion and stylists, wonderful eye-candy, and fanciness all around  in the follow-up drama  胜女的时代.

After an one-year hiatus, Zheng Shuang finally  returns to work, this time playing a pair of twins who were separated at birth, as all twins are. Talented but coming from a simple background, Zhang Han’s role was (shock) in love with Zheng Shuang’s wealthy twin.  When the two planned to runaway together to escape her arranged marriage, she dies on the way to meet him and her younger twin is brought in to act as her. Shocked by the seeming-betrayal, Zhang Han plots revenge but can’t help falling in love with the younger twin.


First-time actor Di Jie plays a rich businessman who was arranged to marry Zheng Shuang’s wealthy twin, but is actually in love with her younger “twin” played by Jessie Chiang.


Kimi plays the playboy who falls for Sun Xiaoxiao’s character (best friend to Zheng Shuang’s poor twin)


Also a first-time actor, Xu Kaicheng plays best friends with Zheng Shuang’s poor twin.


With hair like this, Zhang Han would be a quite handsome nationalist officer.


Zhang Han: I wonder when Zheng Shuang will grow up and accept a role without me?

10 thoughts on ““SOP Queen 2 : The Queen’s Epoch” male cast photoshoot

    • I presume as soon as the production is done since SoP Queen I was aired really quickly? But they might wait until the summer to get a better airing time.

  1. Zheng Shuang is finally back to work! But I really wish she could work with someone besides Zhang Han. I know that Han Shuang has a huge fanbase but she needs to try and work with other male leads. And apparently twins can’t live together as happy siblings in Asian drama universe =(

  2. Word about Zheng Shuang leaving Zhang Han behind and striking out for parts unknown. I’ve never thought much of their chemistry either – I know Deng Chao is quite a bit older than her (so is Zhang Han for that matter) but I thought they had really good chemistry in Painted Mural.

    Thanks for the photos!

    • I think they’re really cute on shows, but their acting style is actually really different. He’s such a serious Central actor who does his work, whereas she goes the more natural route. She really had the chance to make it big after Painted Mural, but my understanding is that she turned down a bunch of movie roles in favor of the craptacular Phoenix Totem … I guess if she would rather be with him 24/7 over having a career, at least she’s happy?

      • Are they seriously going out? I always thought that was speculation but if so, I hope Zheng Shuang snaps out of whatever spell he’s got her under (kidding, kidding). ‘Natural’ is the perfect word to describe her – her presence and expressions never seem calculated or contrived. She could make it big if she really wanted to.

        • I feel like they’re like Zhang Jie and Xie Na – they’re super obvious and everyone knows they’re dating, but they just won’t say it until they get married. The weibo on her birthday, the Thailand trip, that clarification of how he’s not dating someone else, etc.
          She’s been quite perfect for her roles, which is why she needs to capitalize on her youth now and start doing roles apart from him to build her career high enough for the future. Plus, it’ll be good for his career, too.

          • Is it true that these two apparently broke up? :o and when did he say hes not dating anyone else?

            • I don’t think they broke up. There was a rumor about it started by the team of Tang Yixin (she plays Zhang Han’s love interest in the Sui-Tang drama), but Zhang Han said on weibo and in person that the only new love he has is a puppy (which is the same puppy owned by Zheng Shuang, so…) and expressed disappointment in whoever started that rumor. Then pretty soon he went on a trip in Thailand with Zheng Shuang and Zhao Chulun.

              • that’s really cute! Just saying, idarklight, you’re an awesome user and you always answer all my questions Thankyou!!!

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