“Seven Friends” features a rainbow of characters

Starring a young cast of Fu Xinbo, Liu Xin, AK‘s Shen Jianhong and Chen Yi, Kirsten Ren (Selina of SHE’s sister), Terasa Fu, and Tang Zhenguang, Seven Friends depicts friendship with all the colors of the rainbow.
Character descriptions and posters below the cut.

First-time lead Liu Xin plays a strong-willed boyish character who wants to be a chef.

In his second lead role as a chef, Fu Xinbo plays a straight-forward but loyal friend who secretly admires Kimi Ren’s role.

Kimi Ren plays a princess-like character who’s sweet and kind to everyone, but is unfortunately not the brightest.

Sweet and gentlemanlike, AK’s Kris plays a writer.

AK’s Chen Yi plays an “ambitious” rich playboy who wants to be the best hair stylist there ever was.

Tang Zhengang’s character just want to be rich and have lots of girls. …. yay, ambition?

Gold-digger? Maybe. But Theresa Fu’s role also stands up for herself and her girlfriends. She’s suppose to be the gorgeous one everyone falls for.

7 thoughts on ““Seven Friends” features a rainbow of characters

  1. hmm seeing this… they don’t seem that bad as for characters… hopefully though there is some character development later on in the series then… hopefully i’ll be able to watch it.

  2. Oh yeah, I’ve heard about this drama before! When is it coming out? I want to watch it because I have seen dramas with many of the leads before. I hope the drama will be good!

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