Tiny Times movie releases character posters

Trees and strawberries

Yang Mi ditches Liu Shishi for a new lover?

“This is a city rushing ahead at the speed of light.
This is a time that is magnified and excessive
This is a city as complex and intriguing as the Minotaur’s labyrinth
This is a time that is cold and sharp like the blades of a dagger.
And we, laying wrapped in our tiny blankets, are as miniscule as nothing. “

So opens the bestselling cosmopolitan intrigue that will be making it to both the small and big screen soon. Guo Jingming’s trilogy Tiny Times has not only recently released a trailer for the drama, but has also begun filming a movie starring  Yang Mi, Amber Kuo, Xie Yiling and Guo Biting as the four friends who gets caught  in the fast-paced city of Shanghai.   Guo Jingming has all but disowned the drama, but you can see the movie stills that he seems to be quite pleased with below



Why is Qi Wei not playing her?!


When the body of an athlete meets the heart of a lolita, you get Tang Wanru.


I just wanted to express thanks for the fact that my Chinese name does not pinyin to “Biting”

8 thoughts on “Tiny Times movie releases character posters

  1. all the character posters are posted except for JianXi, which is the one I really look forward to. I thought Ke ZhenDong was going to be pair up with Yang Mi…
    btw, does anyone know where can I find a copy of the book translated in English?

  2. Very pretty first 2 girls…not the biggest fan of Qi Wei so don’t really mind..

    must add the worst one I’ve come across : Shi + Ting. Had to call out their name out loud too.

  3. Yang Mi’s photoshoot here looks great. Although “older but stronger, we call it friendship” — what’s that supposed to mean? Is it a quote from the book?

    The worst pinyin name I’ve seen before is Wai + Ling. Which is not mine, thank goodness. xD

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