Yang Yang cute as always in minidrama


Our favorite up-and-rising Yang Yang is back with a new modern role!    His episode of the Tangren 3+7 miniseries could have more of a plot, but Yang Yang and Lin Yuan’s cuteness makes up for everything!  Has anyone seen the other episodes? Are they worth watching?

3 thoughts on “Yang Yang cute as always in minidrama

  1. I’ve seen all the other eps as well. They’re fun, cute, light and interesting to watch so if you have a bit of spare time I would definately recommend the series. The storyline for this one wasn’t so good but the cuteness of it all made up for everything

  2. Hi there! I’ve seen the other eps and personally I think they are all worth a watch because each ep has a different focus and different audience. Personally, I found this ep with Yang Yang to be not so worth watching. It was a bit all over the place and disjointed in terms of the storyline.

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