Guo Jingjing and Kenneth Fok’s wedding tops it all

“In all the world, there’s only you” – the couple at the outdoors wedding party in Guangdong on Saturday.

If you had thought Lin Dan’s wedding was big, look no further to see a bigger one, for Guo Jingjing and Kenneth Hok tops them all. With a guest list that includes Jordanian Prince Ali Bin al Hussein,  richest person of Asian descent Li Ka-shing, Jackie Chan,  Andy Lau, Li Yundi, Li Xiaopeng,  business magnate Allan Zeman, and a host of famous politicians, businessmen and celebrities, the wedding was so big that Hong Kong paparazzi set up boats and giant lifts just to take pictures. The bridesmaids included Guo’s former teammates, Olympic Champions Wu Minxia and Li Na.  A number of her teammates, including Olympic champions Hu Jia, Lin Yue, Luo Yutong, Yang Jinghui and Wang Feng all attended. The wedding itself officiated by Hong Kong’s former Secretary for Justice Elsie Leung.  Some photos from the event below.

Wu Minxia (2nd from the left in the back)  is such a goddess in this picture.

Li Yundi performed at their wedding as the couple sung a duet

Diving legend Fu Mingxia and her husband, Hong Kong’s Former Financial Secretary Antony Leung, attending the wedding.

Andy Lau making an entrance.

Wu Minxia, Guo Jingjing, Kenneth Fok and her brother

Olympic champions Lin Yue and Yang Jinghui

The couple cuts the cake at the official wedding ceremony on Friday.

Another cute gaze for the lovely couple.  Congrats again!

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  1. LDXXF are only badminton player so that their wedding defeated by bussinesman.
    Maybe LDXXF lost in big wedding, but they are perfect couple. A handsome man with a pretty woman :)

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