Movie Recap: Painted Skin II – the Resurrection, part three

Like a giant dumpling wrapper!

I have nothing against the actors or actresses. I have a lot against the plotline of the story. Anyway, here’s part three of the recap below the cut. 

The two once again meet in the large bath. The princess, mask removed, and Xiaowei embrace in the water. Xiaowei’s hands slip under the princess’skin again; the princess closes her eyes…the places where Xiaowei’s fingers meets the skin glows golden as her hands reach inside the princess’ body and clutches at the princess’ heart. The two fall forward into each others’skins, and they have switched places. (Now FPrincess Jing is red lipped and has very apparent eyeliner).
The next day, FPrincess Jing wakes up and stares at her hand. She walks out and it’s an incredible moment for her, and she becomes very emotional as she sniffs a little white flower.
(Is it an azalea? I’m not quite sure). She becomes so emotional that she cries. In her room, with a very ornate silk dress, she prepares for her ceremony, painting over the scar. As she walks down the steps of the white city,her skirt trails behind her.



She’s here to look scornfully at the two, and also so that you look at her instead of something not safe for work.

FXiaowei is seeing to Huo Xin, who lies in bed and stares at the bejeweled dagger. FXiaowei tells him that the Princess wants him to treat her (FXiaowei) as if she is the princess. (Sigh. Character development here makes me cringe.) Later at night, FXiaowei strokes Huo Xin’s skin; her hair passes his eyes and his eyes become wholly black again for a moment. As the procession (red against the black night) heads out, FXiaowei and Huoxin have an intimate moment. A very long intimate moment.  (Cue frustrated screaming from me, because not only was Princess Jing willing to degrade herself into a replacement goldfish, but Huo Xin wasn’t strong enough to resist enchantment that prevented him from accepting a replacement goldfish.)

After they have finished, Huo Xin lies with his head against FXiaowei’s chest. He’s curious…why can’t he hear her heart beating? FXiaowei looks away and runs out. Huo Xin stays in bed.

Meanwhile, they have arrived at the Tianlang state. Voldie with a nose welcomes the envoys and gives the envoy and the dolsiers wine to drink. Birdie flutters nearby. FPrincess Jing exits her carriage, and Voldie leads her to the Queen. She is sitting in front of a man, and says that her little brother has waited for her for quite a while…he has been “sleeping” patiently. They will be married the next day.  He is the heir to the throne…there is a gold mask (a full one) on his face.

Two months ago, a demon carved out his heart.


“Are you sure he’s a prince? He’s looks so…poor!”

FPrincess Jing takes off his mask, and ooh, Mr.Creeper has returned! FPrincess Jing reminisces. It turns out that the Tianlang State only wanted Princess Jing’s incredibly hot heart to revive the princes. When the eclipse comes, they will give her heart to him…Oh, also, the wine that the Tianlang state gave the envoy was poison, so there are dead people falling over and the Tianlang guards turn on the Han soldiers. The Queen stares lovingly at her brother and looks forward to the day when he’ll come back to life.

FPrincess Jing laughs, darkly. Then she lunges forward and tries to dig out someone’s heart – but oh, no, she’s not a demon anymore…She is knocked to the ground. Now she can be hurt – and she bleeds. Tough times, Xiaowei, tough times! The Queen proclaims a three-day celebration; the ceremony will be in the Valley of Ascending Spirits. Voldie walks around a pit of skulls and bones and looks evil.

Meanwhile, FXiaowei walks about; her world is blue and her hair is streaked with white. She can’t really see color – no, yes she can. She sees the skeletons of those around her, encasing beating red hearts. Everywhere she looks, she can only see the hearts. FXiaowei is half-crazd as she looks about. (This is actually a  kind of cool scene.)


“You look like a deranged demon, I just wanted to say hi, and now I’m BLEEDING?”

Demon Exorcist is putting things into a drunk, when his bottle gleams green. He sees FXiaowei wandering over and – the moron – approaches her. “Sister Fox Demon!”he cries, although she looks ghostly and kind of creepy. Also, she never really looks at him but stares at his heart and tries to tear it out. Five spots of blood stain his shirt – fortunately for him, his blood burns and FXiaowei runs away. Exorcist bends over in pain.

FXiaowei, pale white, has all white hair now. The moon becomes inscreasingly thin. FPrincess Jing, tied against a bunch of bones, looks up at the moon, then looks down. What an eerie sight!


“Er, what is this?” “I thought this would make me look tough.”

Exorcist sits alone, applying medicine. Birdie finds him,  saying that she had a hard time looking for him, she almost thought that he’d turned into a demon! Naw, Exorcist doesn’t want to be a demon anymore. Birdie’s “big sister”almost killed him today. Birdie then surprises him and explains the situation where the two women have changed skins, and also talks about the marriage was a trap.

Now Exorcist runs over and tries to tell Huo Xin, who – after staring blankly – has a flashback of all of the demon-related memories. (Haha! So you did only sleep with Princess Jing! No, you’re still an unfaithful and despicable love interest!) Huo Xin livens up as the Exorcist explains that they can get Princess Jing’s heart back at the time of the eclipse, but if they don’t, the change is irreversible…

Back to FXiaowei, who is now a little deranged. She mutters about how she embedded more gems whenever it snowed. Huo Xin, carrying a green light, wanders around and finds her. (“Can you smell the fragrance of the azaleas? Mumblemumble.”) She’s holding a heart in one of her hands. I’m fairly certain that means she has killed. When she sees Huo Xin, she tries to hide. She tries to run, repetitively saying that she is not his princess. She stops and kneels, looking sad and pale…Huo Xin follows her and kneels before her. Huo Xin says some things about how he saw her and loved her at first sight, always thought she was beautiful since he saw her when he was fourteen, wanted to be with her forever since he as fourteen…FXiaowei says that she’s not his Princess Jing anymore.

He says he should have told her that she was the most beautiful from the very beginning. (That’s only the beginning of the things he should have done. It’s not what would have averted the crisis, given Princess Jing’s temperament. Would she have believed him?)

If FXiaowei eats this heart, she will be the most beautiful woman in the world again…but she will not be able to become human again. Huo Xin refuses to left her eat it. He begins to blame that skin – even if he sees it a 1000 times, he will always fall for it. It’s the fault of his eyes! The fault of his eyes!

So he blinds himself. Smart move.

No, you idiot. It’s not your eyes! Everyone has eyes, but plenty of guys manage not to cheat on their girlfriend with somebody else that is very visually appealing – without blinding themselves! Wang Sheng was attracted to Xiaowei’s beauty, but he managed to refuse her! (Except he dreamed of her erotically.) Don’t blame your eyes, use your head, your heart!

He ties a strip of red cloth arounds his eyes; they ride out of the city, Xiaowei resting on his back.

At the Tianlang state again. Servants prepare the body of the princes. Voldie is creepy and pronounces evil deeds. He also paints his face with markings in blood. Across the plains, soldiers gallop towards the Tianlang state.  By the firelight, the Tianlang tribe dances. You can see that  a gold plate seals the cavity where the princes’ heart was torn out. FPrincess Jing hangs from the bones and sings her sad song. Voldie paints bloods onto the body of the prince.
Huo Xin whispers to FXiaowei. Encouraging words, of course. The soldiers arrive at the Tianlang state. Dancing from the Tianlang state; the prince’s body is covered with blood. Voldie creepily moves his hands (which look like they’re rotting); the princess sings…then the (Han) soldiers charge in. Hou Xin carries FXiaowei and shoots by listening; Exorcist and Birdie are also there. Birdie flaps and brings Exorcist in (he’s literally grabbing onto her feet.) She knocks the knife out of Voldie’s hands; there’s a fight going around…Exorcist fails miserably at fighting Voldie – who spontaneously sets a sword on fire and gets some of Exorcist’s blood onto it. Then Birdie comes flying over and the blood gets on her and she draws back. Exorcist gets kicked, Birdie comes closer and she expires.


“I’m so angry! Oh I’m so angry!”

More fighting and shooting by sight. Birdie continues to expire. She bursts into green light and flies away as a green phoenix. Fighting, Voldie beating everyone up… Huo Xin shoots at arrow right at Voldie but Voldie makes it combust. Spontaeously. Exorcist tries to fught; Huo Xin is blind nad has to listen to Voldie’s footsteps. (Sigh). Exorcist tries to be helpful. He ends up throwing his green bottle at Voldie, who scornfully crushes it…his skin comes into contact with the fox tail.

And then his black-nailed hands become encased in ice!it breaks off and smashes. Huo Xin still can’t beat Voldie- but it’s okay, Phoenix-Birdie rushes in, followed by her flock. It’s literally the birds that finish off Voldie –bu the end of it, all that’s left is a skeleton. (Think twice about throwing a rock at a bird from now on…) Then the birds leave! Exorcist carries Xiaowei over, next to the fallen Princess Jing and Huo Xin. The Prince’s head is chopped off and I have no idea what happened to the Queen. Huo Xin tells Xiaowei that he will willingly give her his heart, just give Princess Jing her heart back. FPrincess Jing/Xiaowei takes the dagger that Huo Xin offers her, looks FXiaowei/Princess King, and then crawls next to her. She’s become entombed in white ice. Xiaowei strokes her skin (her original skin) and muses that human hearts are warm; human tears are bitter…and azaleas smell so nice…She hugs the princess, and the white form glows.
The two rise up into the air; once they have gone up high enough for it to be dramatically suitable, there’s a burst of orange light – just as the solar eclipse happens! Then ice  and golden light is scattered over the cavern…after more dramatic rumbling and sound, a body floats downwards. The girl has Xiaowei’s skin…Huo Xin catches her amid the falling comets. The solar eclipse ends…and now the girl has Princess Jing’s unscarred face. She strokes Huo Xin, who is still blind. They nuzzle. Embrace. Smile. In the next scene, they are riding across the great plains.

Exorcist ends the story. He’s adding to the alamanac, and the conclusion is that the demon’s soul will continue to live life with the human’s. Jane Zhang’s beautiful theme song plays, and if you’re watching this in the theatre, you should sing!

Above, Exorcist sees a very familiar bird. She leaves him with a feather. The sky is beautiful and blue. The Exorcist puts the feather into his almanac and closes it.


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  1. After reading your recap of the movie, I decided it’s just too much a time waster to watch the remainder of this flick. Thanks.

  2. I can’t remember why I didn’t SUPER enojy the movie, but all I remember is thinking the plot was so cliche. What is your opinion overall on the movie?

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