Guo Jingjing and Kenneth Fok’s wedding shoot, HK Tycoon style

Love at the Water Cube for the couple who dominated weibo for the past week.

From Greece to England and Guangdong to Beijing,  multiple Olympic and world champion in diving Guo Jingjing and Hong Kong tycoon family’s  Kenneth Fok just released a small portion of their extravagant photoshoot in time for their 3-day wedding this weekend.  I’ll be putting more pictures of the actual wedding later.

The photoshoot begins with the pair at Nanshan, the Fok family’s ancestral home, at a museum dedicated to his grandfather. Yeah, you read right, he has a museum for his grandfather.

Next up we go to Oxford, where Fok attended undergrads.

The two met in Hong Kong after the Athens Olympics, so of course they needed to take a photo in Greece  at the Temple of Poseidon.

By the time the Water Cube was built, the two already had a steady relationship. Fok’s father is the head of the Hong Kong Olympic committee and in fact presented a gold medal to Guo Jingjing at the Beijing Olympics.

Finally, we arrive at the Fok family castle in Hong Kong! You would think given their riches, they could’ve at least given us a the photos in higher quality.

Even though their ability to travel around the world just for a wedding shoot makes me jealous, congrats to the lovely couple!

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