“Home Sweet Home” lightens up primetime TV

First idol drama leads Wan Qian and Li Jiahang make a surprisingly cute couple.

A light-hearted change to the dramatic prime time TV spots, “Home Sweet Home 我家有喜” brings the usual Qiong Yao drama’s bright colors and clean, cute outfits and setting,  but has a lot more fun.     The “My Fair Princess” cast returns, with the second leads now two of the main leads, and trust me, everyone looks so much better with good stylists.

The drama has already finished airing, so you can watch the entire series online. Photos below the cut.

Successful businessman and wannabe celeb makes an interesting pair, especially when the businessman is bff’s with her sister.

Gao Ziqi especially finally managed to turn himself around in terms of my impressions of him, this time playing a handsome executive who gives it up for love. I’ve been quite fond of Wan Qian since seeing her as Liu Rushi, and she continues to be perfect in her new role – the military trainer-turned-wedding-designer with a mix of both fierceness and softness.

One sister’s wedding = three sisters as bridesmaids.

In addition to the main cast, there’s also cameos from Li Sheng, Zhang Rui and Medina from the My Fair Princess cast. The drama does get a bit draggy near the end, but overall doesn’t feel as long as it really is.

Zhang Rui guest stars as a cocky actor who tries to use his fame to separate Hai Lu and Gao Ziqi.

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