“Resurrection” of Kimi Qiao under Warner Music

Kimi Qiao‘s rocker image from his earlier years have all but faded from people’s mind, as he have become more know for his drama and movie roles than his music in the past 3 years. However, Kimi is making a comeback to the music scene with a yet untitled new album and a new company; by signing with Warner Music Kimi hopes to concentrate more on his original passion, which is music. He is now under the same label as superstars such as Jolin Tasi, JJ Lin, Jam Hsiao, and Khalil Fong.

Kimi will be participating in the “White Fashioned Music Festival” at Shanghai Expo’s Green Park, this is Kimi’s first time meeting fans as a singer in 3 years. This event allow performers a 30-60 minutes slot to perform at each venue. Other participates includes: Wei Chen, Wang Xiaokun, Joanna Wang, Hebe, Yoga Lin, Rainie Yang, Deserts Chang, G.E.M, and many others. On the acting side, Kimi will be playing in the upcoming drama “Female Prime Minister“, and he will be playing the 2nd male lead, starring alongside Zhang Shuang and Zhang Han, in SOP Queen’s second installment (will be be able to successfully come between Han Shuang?).

Official HD MV for Kimi Qiao’s “Resurrection”

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