These Years, These Boybands


boybands are like reeses cups, you don’t really want one until you had that first bite, then you can’t help but be a little greedy and reach for a second… and a third…

Boybands are usually the fastest and easiest way to make money for any record company, so it’s no surprise that <a href="after 4 years, with only a few surviving boybands, the music industry is back again with a new batch of groups.

The Oldies

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Top Combine is basically the first major mainland cpop boyband to have a successful debut and career in China. The boys helped each other through their tough debut days, when unreasonable kpop fans targeted the boys with endless flow of hate due to DoRiMi’s lack of originality. What these antis didn’t know is that the members are living on one take out meal a day, borrowing money from friends to pay the water and electricity bills, traveling to events on public transportation because the company were unwilling to invest in a car for them so early in the game. Despite all odds they pulled through only to be faced with another uncertainty. The group came face-to-face with the possibility of disbandment after the departure of Li Mao and Xiao Wu’s possibly enlistment; however, they pulled through again and is currently working on their new album.

Top Combine’s recent appearance on HNTV’s Day Day Up cr. sjzsugarcane@youtube

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The M.I.C. boys have apparently turned into this site’s new favorite bias. It’s been two years since the groups debut and have just released their second album. Of course the members put in a lot of hard work before making their first public appearance; the boys when through 4 years of boot camp training together (with many other hopefuls) on the Chinese countryside.

MIC’s “Dialogue” MV cr. MICtianya@youtube

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HIT-5 members all started out as net-idols, picked for their pretty faces and nothing else. Needless to say I didn’t have high expectations for them, and did not expect them to last long. But their growth, perseverance, and ability to adapt turned me into a fan. But I still feel like they are lacking in their own sound, perhaps it’s because of their change of company in the middle of their career… Nevertheless, I’m glad to say all 5 original members just celebrated another year together.

HIT-5’s (not so recent) new song “Fight” cr. sjzgloria@youtube

The Newbies

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Previously a 3 member group called J3Boys, Jason and Leo were shut away for two years for intensive training after the group disbanded. But the duet made the best of those two years and came back with a BANG! Twin JL (Jason & Leo) debuted with a self-composed and self-produced EP, which is a pretty big feat even for some experienced idol musicians. Leo attended Shanghai Theater Academy majoring in ballet, while Jason attended Guangzhou Institute of the Arts. Their MV ranked at #3 the day it was released on yinyuetai, which quickly gained them many casual fans (of course Jason’s endless shuai, meng, and just plain weird selcams on weibo helped). Twin JL performing their self-titled debut song for the first time at their debut showcase here.

JL’s MV for “Us” cr. sjzgloria@youtube

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The first time I heard about 4ROM was from a post on weibo by M.I.C.’s Yuehan, apparently (some of) the members of 4ROM used to train with M.I.C. at that countryside boot camp. So I checked out their music and it is surprising refreshing, as in I’ve never heard this particular style in cpop before. As you can see from this BTS footage, the members seems to be in charge of their own music. An untranslated news article on the group and the newly formed company they are under.

Audio of 4ROM’s debut single “FROM” cr. sjzgloria@youtube

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RTA Youth is made up of 4 underage members baby faced leader Xiho, singer-songwriter Liu Junlin, Shanghai Theatre Academy student Zhu Yuanbing, and 186cm middle school student with a mature voice Jerry Zuo.

RTA Youth’s MV for “Loving You Through Time and Space” cr. RainbowCandyRTA@youtube

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RTA Teen has their own songwriter and choreographer, but none of them have been able to demonstrate their skills thus far. The group doesn’t seem to have done much since their formation, but I guess unlike RTA Youth the two Japanese members need to learn Chinese before any promotion activity could be scheduled. On top of that, the current China-Japan relation doesn’t present a friendly atmosphere for the Japanese members, so it’s probably not a good time for the group to be in the public eye too much.

RTA Teen’s MV for “Why” cr. RainbowCandyRTA@youtube

0086 placed 7th place at CCTV-3’s Star Boulevard in 2011

0086 performing their new song “BAHA” on Star Boulevard 2012 cr. CNTV@youtube

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J-ONE is trained and managed by Joy Media (a subsidiary of C-JES), so they can do synchronized dancing but its their more melodic song I prefer such as “Night Carnival

The rehearsal video for their debut single “Too Hot” via thejoymedia@youtube

A List of Names (because I have nothing interesting to say about them but others might find them interesting),

  • SD5: Somehow they managed to kidnap Joey Yung for a feat in one of their songs.
  • Fighter: Poor kids (their average age is 19), their company decided to use a similar style a song kpop group and the members get hated on. And their fan is immature and decided to bash a bunch of kpop groups the members suffers…
  • TimeZ: They are signed under Top Combine’s old manager’s new company.

And The Departed

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Actually, I’m not sure if 8090 disbanded or not. But they were the MAIN FOCUS of Superboys10 but failed to impress (actually they did impress, just not Wu Yi’s fan girls), starred in their own drama but failed to air, and saw the departure of the two main vocals…

8090 performing “Let Me Sing a Song For You” on Super Boys 2010 cr.The8090love

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BOBO </3 enough said.

Jing Boran’s “Little Me” via Jing Boran Official Youtube
Fu Xinbo’s “Myself” via sinapremium@youtube

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  1. …RTA Youth is kinda scary in my eyes…. ._.

    8090 Departed? Lu Xin You and Xu Jia Wei left the group, but a Fanbase said, that the leader Zhang He said to a Windmill that 8090 is going to have a little comeback in summer 2013… I’m not sure at all …we will see I guess.

  2. finally someone wrote about 0086…actually @gloria they debuted on 10/17 in a showcase, their EP also came out…though they lack publicity and people don’t seem to care about them, i really really enjoyed their EP. their MV teaser came out as well… please write about them more in the future
    also 8090, 2 of the members left, but the rest are still together,8090 released a song for a drama in april 2012…

  3. Don’t forget Seventeen. They were the best singers out of all of these at debut imo, but they had to split up cause one of the members got pissed off and pushed a grandma aside in public

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