Li Xiaolu & Jia Nailiang welcome a baby girl into their family

After being spoiled by her mother-in-law for the past few months, Li Xiaolu (AA Living) finally gave birth to a 6.78lb little girl. Hubby Jia Nailiang (The Most Beautiful Times) broke the news on weibo:


Jia Nailiang: The little princess I’ve waited endless days and nights for has finally arrived in this beautiful world. I just want to say, being a mother is not easy; we’ve waited for this blessed moment for such a long long time, staying by her through the whole journey, the complexity of my current emotion is hard to put into words. My beautiful wife, you are so strong, so courageous, (about the baby I think) clenching your hands, the look of weak and helplessness in your eyes… Lulu, Little Princess, I love you! Thank you for everyone’s well wishes, the three of us will continue to live happily ever after. (Translated by SJZGloria)

Li Xiaolu manage to look fabulous even during pregnancy.

Gan Wei (The 12 Zodiac Mystery) posted on weibo describing the baby girl as “A Little Beauty! With big eyes, high nose, cute chin, rosy skin, and black hair.”

Dong Xuan (Unbeatable II) re-posted adding “double eyelids, pouty lips, soft curls, the warm soft little princess is making her debut!”

Jia Nailiang talking about what it feels like to finally be a father
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