Zheng Shuang is finally back with new drama!

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After almost a year, Zheng Shuang is finally making a comeback in upcoming drama “Sheng Nv De Shi Dai/ Times of a Successful Women.” After the feisty Chu Yuxun of Meteor Shower, the boyish Xiao’an in No Limits, and the innocent fairy of Painted Mural, Zheng Shuang will finally be playing a non-cute role. In fact, she’ll be playing two. In the latest Mingdao Workshops production, Zheng Shuang will be playing a pair of twins, at least one of which is a successful businesswoman. No news on other casting yet, but I’m happy to see her back, even if it’s a bit disappointing it’s not in a movie role.

14 thoughts on “Zheng Shuang is finally back with new drama!

  1. Ming Dao should be doing military service so we don’t have to worry, lol. I feel like that would be a really weird pairing. I didn’t like SOP Queen much but this sounds pretty good. Fingers crossed for Zhang Han, hehe.

  2. Apparently this is the second of the Sheng Nv franchise series, so not directly related to SOP Queen but same theme (similar to Yu Zheng Beauty series)

  3. Whoa, in the picture where there’s two of her, she looks a lot like Chen Qiao’en in the right-hand one. o_O Speaking of which, is this related to Queen of SOP? Similar titles, similar fonts, and also produced by Ming Dao…

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