TimeZ debut on M!Countdown

CJ E&M and Top Combine’s old manager collaborates for the latest Chinese-Korean boyband, Timez. The group debuted with their first single on MNET’s M!Countdown recently. Watch the MV teaser below and watch their debut live here.

9 thoughts on “TimeZ debut on M!Countdown

  1. so apparently TimeZ is a mainland group? their new song “long live idol” is in the mainland ranking on yinyuetai…? are they like Top Combine back then Korean produced and Chinese managed?

  2. oh look they’re dancing on a street with random shops that doesn’t actually sell anything… at least it’s not a box..

      • I checked the image you uploaded, the file is there but there’s no image..? idk maybe try to upload it again? Also is it fair that we refuse to do anything on xom but we’re doing something on this group? I get that they’re managed by TC’s previous manger but are they going to be developing in China?

        • They’re not just managed by him, they’re under his new company. I think they’re probably doing the same thing as Wei Chen for his last album – a debut in Korea, but they know they won’t be able to compete in Korea.

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