Song Xiaobo is Married!

Song Xiaobo, “The Silent Angel”, recently got married to his girlfriend of 8 years Guo Yuliang. Fellow “My Hero” contestant Purba Rgyal (The New Wulongshan Bandits) was chosen to be the best-man of the wedding. Also in attendance is singer-actor Jacky Xue Xue Zhiqian and Rose Ni Ruisi (Princess is Getting Married).

The deaf-mute couple met in 2004 when Guo Yuliang entered the Miss Shanghai 2004 Beauty Pageant despite her disability; later in 2009 Guo Yuliang won the popularity vote for TVB’s Miss Chinese International Pageant. “I first heard of her in 2004 when she was participating in the Miss Shanghai Pageant. I was surprised at her courage and bravery to enter the competition; it touched my heart. She is hearing impaired like me, but she had the courage to compete – I wanted to meet her.” Song Xiaobo contacted the pageant organizer who were able to arrange a meeting between Song Xiaobo and his future wife. Guo Yuliang was equally touched when Song Xiaobo entered “My Hero” talent competition. “He’s always trying to prove his love for me, and entering the competition was part of that.” The newlywed are hoping to have a new addition in the family as soon as next year.

The couple’s pretty wedding photo-shoot below.

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