L’Uomo Vogue features Fan Bingbing, Chen Kun, Han Han

“Elegant, shy, and with a small smile on her face, as soon as she moves she transforms: on our set she is, as the French say, completely ‘déchaînée’, wild. ” – L’Umo Vogue

Following the French edition of Madame Figaro,  Italian magazine L’Uomo Vogue also  did a special China issue featuring actress Fan Bingbing on their covers.  Also featured are actor-singer Chen Kun and writer-racecar driver Han Han.

Fan Bingbing

“The big star is truly a star. Nothing scares her, not even the chance of appearing different. She is on the cover of this issue of L’Uomo Vogue dedicated to China. A woman. Yes, because there are many women here, and they are strong and self-confident just as men. And when it comes to personality and character she is very strong. “I have to be honest”, she admits with an ironic smile, “I would like to play the part of a bad, confident woman. Honestly, even though I have struck many people’s imagination with the image that I have in the movies I’ve played, today I have the desire to portray the part of a strong woman, a little bad! I adore Meryl Streep, she’s exactly the type of strong woman I’m thinking about. I like her in every role she’s played”.


“Besides being an actress and a singer, I’m also a producer”, she explains. “I put all of myself into what I do. Everything, just as my relationships with people, comes from the heart and if you believe in something nothing is impossible or hard. I get along great with other actresses; it’s always a matter of being honest, both in friendships and in work relationships. I don’t think I’m the most important person; I don’t really care about these things. I stay true to myself”. Her naturalness is bewildering and fascinating. “

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Han Han

“Yes, I am a brand”, he admits, “sometimes they pay me for this: what’s wrong with that? I’d like to be something more, I’d like to become like the character of my latest novel, 1988 (also published by Metropoli d’Asia in italy, editor’s note)”. And that is? “A man that is not afraid of facing his responsibilities”.

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Chen Kun

” But without travelling afar: he has chosen to concentrate his energy on disadvantaged children in rural areas in his own country; children with poor schooling or who are victims of abuse. “I want to work with every citizen and parent and give them the means to create a better world for their children”.

We ask him what his fans project on to him, and what is the craziest thing they have done because of their enthusiasm. He pauses, and then answers phlegmatically: “I don’t know what they see in me, but I believe I have a positive influence on their lives. I hope that I am able to be an ever better citizen than I can be an actor”. And asked about any future challenges, he replies simply: “To be a more sincere person, to be the true me”. “

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