Laure Shang composes in four languages for ‘Ode to Doom’

Ode to the doom: Not a horror film.

The former intrepreter Laure Shang continues to use her language skills in her latest album, “Ode to Doom.”    The album, mostly self-composed and self-penned, includes lyrics in mandarin, Cantonese, French and English.     All songs are composed by her, and all non-Chinese lyrics are by her.

The album opens with Before the Doom, a world music piece guest starring the voice of Lamatsultrim.  I think I also hear some Christian chant near the end, but I’m not sure. Anyone know what instruments are used here?   This is followed by Perfect Night, whose psychedelic MV you can watch below:

I also love to just listen to her voice in Quand tu es dans un tunnel/When you’re in a tunnel. Her Cantonese songs tend to be more pop-sounding, including the catchy Predestination 宿命论 and Cageling 鹦鹉.  Atypical/Grim Fairy Tale/格林童话, a mandarin/French song has my favorite lyrics, though.

I’m not a big fan of any of her English songs, including  The FaithLet’s get back to the world, Redemption and Useless Love. In addition, there’s the French songs Construire pour détruire/Create to destroy, J’ ai une histoire à vous raconter/I have a story to tell you, and Ma Bulle/My bubble, whose MV you can watch below from fountainpark723:

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