Shu Qi in black and white for L’Officiel

Do not be deceived by magazine L’Officiel’s October cover; it really does not show actress Shu Qi (of Huayi Brother’s If You Are the One) to her best advantage. Her styling looks much better for the rest of the shoot, when she’s not in color – all the more reason to love black and white photography!

Recent works of Shu Qi’s include Tai Chi Zero. She will be participating in the next installment of the steampunk – taichi trilogy, and also in upcoming movie  “A Chinese Odyssey” (directed by Derek Kok). There, she will play out the role of the White Bone Demoness, in a movie that will supposedly discuss the early experiences of Tang Sen and the Monkey King.

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  1. Wow, the contrast between the cover and the other photos is ridiculous. I can’t even tell it’s her on the cover, and she usually stands out right away because of her facial structure. o_O

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