Top Combine is “Glad You’re Here”

eeMedia’s Top Combine revealed their first single “Glad You’re Here” from their new 2012 album. Top Combine especially dedicated this song to the fans who’ve supported and encouraged them unwaveringly throughout their career. This the Top Combine’s first single since member Li Mao’s departure, and to prove that they are still a unified team TC decided to challenge the triathlon. “Glad You’re Here” is another original composition by member Ma Xueyang; to help better showcase the member’s vocal and musical growth music producer Nan Zheng was invited to oversee the production. Listen to the song below.

Source: HNTV

7 thoughts on “Top Combine is “Glad You’re Here”

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  3. Ho shit! The song is amazing and that’s not my bias speaking, I swear.

    I’ll miss Li Mao, but I’m glad Top Combine isn’t over. They’re one of the few bands that I love to pieces.

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