Poll: Which production would you be interested in a recap of? (updated with descriptions)

Two modern, two ancient, and one in between (sort of.)

Which production (if any) would you guys be interested in a recap of? The options listed in the poll below are mostly movies (Double Exposure, Caught in the Web, Painted Skin II, The Assassins, Tai-Chi Zero…), but if there’s a particular drama you’re interested in, leave a comment and we’ll put that into consideration. (Just note that dramas are a lot more subject to my whims than movies are.) Descriptions of the movies have been added below the poll.

Feng Shaofeng is popping up every where.

Double Exposure

In upcoming movie Double Exposure 二次曝光Fan Bingbing becomes a consultant at a plastic surgery center who inadvertently discovers her boyfriend Liu Dong (Feng Shaofeng) cheating on her with the pretty Huo Siyan. Soon afterwards, Huo Siyan’s character, Xiaoxi, disappears and Fan Bingbing’s Song Qi is drawn into a strange murder case. Yet Xiaoxi continuously appears in Song Qi’s dreams, bringing Song Qi guilt and torment. As the details of the case develop, she finds that another, even bigger secret has began to close in on her. Within this secret, her love, her dreams, and that unassuageable hurt inside her all surface with the advent of one mysterious trip. What Song Qi must face and search for is the life she already lost.

Double Exposure is Fan Bingbing’s third work with her favorite director Li Yu (Lost in Beijing, Buddha Mountain). The movie will be released on September 29. In addition to featuring Fan Bingbing, Feng Shaofeng, and Huo Siyan, actress Joan Chen also makes an appearance as Doctor Hao.

“Life is short; I’m more brilliant than fireworks.” – Gao Yuanyuan plays the target of an Internet gossip war in “Caught in the Web.”

Caught in the Web (credit to idarklight)

In upcoming film “Caught in the Web 搜索,” artsy finally meets modern as director Chen Kaige explores the costs of the Internet and the value of human lives. The film recently released character posters and a trailer.

Gao Yuanyuan plays Ye Lanqin, an alluring young secretary who is caught on camera refusing a bus seat to an elderly. The filmer is a rising journalist played by Yao Chen, who uses the clip as a way to propel herself into success as the clip receives top views. Using filters and other nudges to turn the push the public opinion of Ye Lanqing into the extremes, the journalist and her apprentice (Wang Luodan) start a “flesh search” for the girl, revealing all her past and rumors.

As the rest of the world smears Lanqing’s name, she goes to visit her home with the help of a newly found companion (Mark Zhao), the boyfriend of the journalist. When the truth came out about Ye Lanqing and her story, it was already too late, and the tides turn against the journalist instead.

The barest connection between Painted Skin I and Painted Skin II is Zhou Xun; you don’t need to watch the first to understand the second.

Painted Skin II – The Resurrection

A demon may take on the form of a human, but to truly become one and experience human emotions, a human must willingly offer his or her heart to the demon. Xiaowei (Zhou Xun) is a fox demon who has been trapped in an icy prison for five hundred years, for having once broken the rules of the demon world by saving a mortal man…a sparrow (Yang Mi) frees her, and they wander the land together, feeding on the hearts of men in order to maintain their human form. Yet Xiaowei cannot escape from the chill, and it is then she discovers Princess Jing (Zhao Wei), a scarred girl with an unusually hot heart and a lingering love for her former bodyguard, Huo Xin (Chen Kun). At the same time, the sparrow bumps into the bumbling demon exorcist, Feng Shaofeng. As the neighboring Tianlang Clan, lead by Kris Phillips and Chen Jingtia, demands a marriage between Princess Jing and their prince, Xiaowei offers the princess an escape – Princess Jing can have Xiaowei’s beautiful skin, if she gives up her heart…(literally).

Chow Yun-Fat as Cao Cao

The Assasins

Cao Cao (Chow Yun-fat), famed warlord of the Three Kingdoms era, is encouraged by his subordinates (especially his son Cao Pi) to official ursurp the throne of Emperor Xian, the puppet of emperor of the once powerful Liu clan. Two childhood sweathearts, Mu Shu and Lingju (daughter of the tragic beauty Diao Chan and Lv Bu, played by Crystal Liu Yifei) are kidnapped by an armed cavalry and forcibly pressed into a harsh training, hidden inside the guts of an enormous mausoleum. The plot to assassinate Cao Cao thickens, and Empress Fu (Annie Yi), aware of the fragility of her own position, joins in on the conspiracy. Five years later, Lingju, vibrantly robed in red, appears by Cao Cao’s side…

The first in an epic trilogy about steampunk meets Tai Ji.

Tai Ji Zero

(Full Summary here). The one below is from imbd.

Young genius Yang Luchan travels to Chen Village to learn the forbidden secrets of martial arts, but quickly learns that the village is menaced by a formidable battalion of Steampunk soldiers. The villagers realize that in order to save their home, they must trust this strange outsider with their knowledge of Tai Chi.

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