Photoshoot Round Up, Week 3: C-Celebs go darkly elegant

Be impressed, like me, that Bazaar chose this photo for the cover instead of one of the less attractive ones.

We actually have an almost equal ration of guys to girls in this photo shoot round up (how monumental; who knows when I’ll achieve this again?). The shoots seem to have matured with the seasons; look below  to find that most of them are sophisticated and elegant, rather than cutesy. (Even Hai Lu went boy style in this photo shoot.) This roundup features photo shoots from singer Wang Fei (Faye Wong), photographed by Chen Man, actress Deng Jiajia of iPartment 3 fame, and actor Du Chun with Zhang Li. A picture from one of Yan Kuan‘s photo shoots was also added, to balance out the male-female ratio, and also for a little humor (just look at his pose.)

01. Wang Fei, for Harper’s Bazaar (the rest here.)

Guess how I knew who did the photography.

02. Deng Jiajia for Figaro, here

03. Du Chun with Zhang Li for Bazaar, the rest here.

04. Yan Kuan, the rest seen here.

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