Photoshoot Round Up, Week Two: Hai Lu, Yang Mi, Chen Kun, Fan Bingbing

As sugar sweet as always, New My Fair Princess star Hai Lu dressed in flowers and pastels to match for a recent photo shoot. Find the rest of this photo shoot here.

If things become violent, Hai Lu‘s shoes will speak for her (for once, high heels are dangerous to more than just the wearer). Yang Mi, on the other hand, seems to be barefoot for her photo shoot with Hong Kong magazine Darizi. Hawick should pay special attention to that issue, asYang Mi is decked out in four different wedding-themed gowns and this might come in handy as a reference someday. Fan Bingbing is charismatic as ever, and I-D magazine got a two-in-one shoot featuring the queen with Chen Man‘s lovely photography – the style of the clothing here is definitely the darkest and most uniquely intriguing of this round up. A photo shoot with Chen Kun for Men’s Uno can also be found below and should also be thought of as grim, although for a different reason. We finish this batch off with a few selections from a photo shoot Mei Ting and Liang Jiahui did for Bazaar, to promote their new film(?) Crazy Love Story 神经爱情故事.

01. Yang Mi – find the rest of her shoot here.

02. Fan Bingbing for I-D; find the rest of this shoot with Chen Man here.

03. Chen Kun for Men’s Uno (the rest can be found here)

04. Meiting and Liang Jiahui for Bazaar (the rest of this is here)

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