Chen Chusheng for Men’s Uno

Huayi Music’s Chen Chusheng recently sat down with Men’s Uno for a photo shoot and interview. The topic of the week is constellations, Chen Chusheng talked about the qualities he sees in himself that makes him a Leo, such as leadership skills. “In fact, I often have an urge to organize the people around to do one thing or another. During my university days, I liked to organize my classmates to go on camping and hiking trips. Back then I also liked to play soccer, so I formed a school team to played against other school, I was the captain of course.”

Chen Chusheng is currently filming microfilm “No Matter If It’s East or West” alongside Zhang Ziyi, Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Zhen, and Wang Leehom. Chen Chusheng is also preparing for his upcoming 2012 Bejing Concert planned for Dec 22.

Source: sina

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