“Flowers in Fog” releases stills in France

This is about the only still of the two where they are neither kissing nor about to kiss.  It seems like Li Sheng just isn’t cut out to eat pork.

The queen of romance sets her latest series in the most romantic country – France.  With her favorite casts that include both old-timers Ruby Lin and Wan Qian and new favorites Li Sheng, Zhang Rui, Gao Ziqi and Medina, as well as a few newbies Han Chengyu, Joo Jin-mo, Deng Lun and Yang  Zi,  “Flowers in Fog 花非花雾非雾”  is the latest work from author Qiong Yao.   With an emphasis on art and focusing on art students,  France seemed like the perfect setting for the film.  Following coverage by the French press, including Le Telegramme and TF1, Qiong Yao decided to celebrate by releasing stills of the series.

6 thoughts on ““Flowers in Fog” releases stills in France

  1. Joo Jin Mo? As in Frozen Flower Joo Jin Mo? Neat! I guess he’ll be paired up with Ruby. Aren’t Li Sheng and Zhang Rui dating IRL?

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