Sandy Lam mourns for the Earth in Gaia

Singing of a destroyed home and irreparable love, Hong Kong artist Sandy Lam releases her latest album with beautiful lyrics penned  by Chang Shilei and Qiaoxing, who wrote the original Cantonese lyrics for Jun Kung you can listen to here . After being rather out of Chinese entertainment for much of the summer, this song reminded me of why I love Chinese pop music.  Gorgeous, multi-layered lyrics and a strong composition. Translations by me.

For you, the red tears flow.
For you, the attrition works silently.
Te heart is tired, the comforts are gone.
You no longer can feel, and I no longer have the energy.

I shake with pains that shake the earth.
I burn with pains that scorch my body.
Makeshift cop-outs, ignorant excuses,
you can’t feel my heart’s pain.

Unforgivable. The hope I gave you shattered bit by bit.
The beautiful times, familiar faces, forgotten day by day.
You will see the end of the earth and the barrenness of the sky.
How can you repay this unspeakable truth? How?

Too lonely, inexplicable loneliness
Who can bare the unbearable burden ?
Thousand years of retribution, millions lifetimes of misery
Has the final judgement come too late?

Look, at our formerly beautiful home.
You’re silent. You remain quiet.
Look, at what you’ve ruined in one moment.
Regret! Regret!

You don’t understand my grief.
I want you to understand, you’re hurting,
isolating the present, banishing the future.
If there’s no love, hope is but ashen white.
There’s no repeat, again.

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  1. she is simply gorgeous and a very extraordinary artist of the mandrain pop …. irreplaceable queen of canto pop .

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