Wedding of the year for Lin Dan,Xie Xingfang

He fell in love with her at first sight when he was only 14 and she 16. The first time they talked was during a mixed training five years later. He lost to her in a 2-0 match that day.

When there’s a special edition Li-ning shoe just for the wedding, you know it has to be big.

After so many actor/actress weddings, this one is surprisingly the one filled with the best shots of all the participants.   From the absolutely dreamy setting to the way-too-good-looking best men and bridesmaids to  the cuteness of the couple, a look at badminton world champions Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang’s wedding.

The Beauty

The former world champion and world number one is wearing an one-of-a-kind dress made just for her. Titled “feather of the spirit,” the Yumi Katsura wedding gown is perfect for the badminton player since both badminton and the shuttlecock and literally translate into “ball of feathers” in Chinese.

Lin Dan is such a beast that he was caught in picture at the gym no less than 4 hours before the wedding.

The Beast

While you can’t see it, on his right arm is a tattoo of FF, for Xie Xingfang’s nickname. But of course, both them are beasts. In 2005, for the first time, both of them became the world number ones in their respective fields. In 2006, the two became world champions together for the first time. At the Beijing Olympics, though, she lost to teammate Zhang Ning in the gold medal match while he won against Lee Chong Wei.

The national men’s model team ready for the catwalk. This was the entrance for the players in the Beijing Olympics.

The Best Men

Lin Dan’s in-team childhood friend and top rival Bao Chunlai (right)  is perhaps the one everyone has their eyes on. Recently engaged Chen Jin (left) and actor Ren Quan (center) rounds out the party. Per tradition, the men had to first pick up the bride from her parents home, but it wasn’t easy.  The men had to do push-ups followed by a quartet of Swan Lake. I don’t think they were as graceful as the men’s gymnastics team, though.

The Bridesmaids

WANG YIHAN! The recent Olympic women’s singles champion Li Xuerui (right) has her signature cuteness, but the usually fierce current world number one Wang Yihan (left) is exceptionally beautiful and feminine in this look. Actress Yang Jingru is the one in the middle.

The Venue

Guests were invited to relive Lin Dan’s glory with an invitation fashioned in the form of the entrance ticket to the Beijing Olympics. The wedding itself is held at the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium, the same venue for badminton at the Olympics (yeah, the one where Xie Xingfang cried for a hour after losing the gold medal match … she better  had a say in the venue choice or Lin Dan would be very douche-y). Guests enter through a path of memory filled with photos of the pair by themselves and with the guests, culminating in the vows area filled with lavender and white sashes, roses and chandeliers.

Mixed doubles Olympic Champion Zhang Nan (second right) and Zhao Yunlei (first right) checking out the venue for their wedding while  Tian Qin (red purse)  and Xu Chen (black suit) chat with the mystery girls.

The Guests
Amongst gymnasts like Li Xiaopeng, Li Ning, and Liu Xuan and celebs like Lu Yu, Donnie Yan and Bai Yansong, it’s nevertheless the badminton players that stand out. Even if the team haven’t quit the Japan Open together, very few would probably be there since they’ll all be at the wedding anyways.

The journey:

Lin Dan finally gets the girl! – picking her up from her family.

Lin Dan wore his army uniform to the official wedding.

Exchanging rings brought to them by their puppy Simba.

Three different outfits … which one’s your favorite?

Xie Xingfang had changed into a more Chinese-styled outfit for the ceremonies honoring the family.

Is it just me or does every photo with the national badminton team look like a photoshoot? Especially consider their heights, this is definite four models + two actors + Lin Dan (sorry, you’re too short … )

10 thoughts on “Wedding of the year for Lin Dan,Xie Xingfang

  1. Aww, they were always kind of the fairytale dream couple for me, even though I always knew Lin Dan was probably an ass. But the tattoo of her name got to me that is too sweet.

    • Did you hear he just got a new tattoo of his shirt size to remind him to keep fit and always be able to wear that size. Lolz.
      Also, they kissed on camera when he won again last week. She and Bao Chunlai were the guest commentators.

  2. Maybe their wedding was not big, but Super Dan always Super Handsome with Pretty Woman.
    Happy marriage and always together :)

  3. I still think it’s kind of douche-y of him to have it there. It was the biggest defeat of Xie Xingfang’s life, and Bao Chunlai shaved off all his hair after losing there. This place really only holds good memories for LIn Dan …

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