Li Mao officially leaves Top Combine

Remember Top Combine’s Arrival four years ago? 

Li Mao officially made him announcement to leave Top Combine on Thursday on the finale of this season’s Your face sounds familiar 百变大咖秀 . He said the difficult decision was a bid for him to achieve his dreams of becoming an actor while the rest of the group pursues music.

He has also posted an announcement on weibo. Below are translations of his weibo and member’s comments on it:

Li Mao: I’ve received a lot of care from friends and the media recently. Here, I officially announce the following: “After discussion through the group, I’ve decided to temporarily leave Top Combine and focus instead on film and TV. We’re all growing up.  Other than the common love toward music and stage, we also have our own plans for our lives.  But no matter where I am or what I  am doing, I’ll always remember what Top Combine gave me and what it means to me.  Thank you, eveyone who’s believed in me.

XiaoWu:  Mao-brother, jiayou!!! Top Combine jiayou!!

Liu Zhoucheng:  Future acting king, we’re waiting for you!

Ma Xueyang: This is a parallel path.  We are holding our hands to walk together down the two paths.

Zhang Yuan: Top combine only has four characters, but it will always represent five people! Hello everyone, we are: “TopCombine 至上励合!!!"

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