Liu Yifei plays Diao Chan’s daughter in upcoming movie The Assassins

A year after playing the tragic Yu Ji at the beginning of the Han dynasty, Crystal Liu Yifei now takes on the dual role of Diao Chan and Diao Chan’s daughter as Cao Cao usurps the power of the Lius in The Assassins 铜雀台*. (Admittedly, she’s rather suited for playing ancient beauties). The movie is lead by Chow Yun-fat as Cao Cao, who is supported by Alec Su as the puppet emperor Liu Xie (aka Emperor Xian.) Annie Yi plays Xian’s ill-fated consort, Empress Fu. Hiroshi Tamaki takes on the role of Mu Shu, the childhood sweetheart of Diao Chan’s daughter (Lingju). I’m assuming he’s the “eunuch” who helps Empress Fu and her father Fu wan plot against Cao Cao, because the other Mu Shu of Three Kingdoms is a general who was killed by Lingju’s father, Lv Bu. Together, he and Lingju train to become assassins against Cao Cao…Character posters can be found below, with some more here. Watch the MV for the theme song (“Waiting for Snow”) sung by Liu Yifei here.

*铜雀台 is “Bronze Sparrow Terrace,” one of the three terraces that Cao Cao constructed in a show of power after defeating the warlord Yuan Shao.

Ling’er has returned to us.

My favorite set of stills from the series is actually Liu Yifei as Diao Chan, who the producers have kindly color coded gray for your convenience.

What’s Little Red Riding hood doing here?

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