Jackie Chan kisses Wang Leehom goodbye

You know Li Yundi’s watching you backstage, Leehom.

Jackie Chan represents his fans to give Leehom a kiss after he sung “Kiss Goodbye” at his Hong Kong concert Sunday. They’re so cute together.


P.S. No, we haven’t turned into a Hong Kong tabloid blog … yet.

5 thoughts on “Jackie Chan kisses Wang Leehom goodbye

  1. I wonder how Jacey feels about this I mean Jackie kiss leehom but I never seen/heard about it with his son…..
    But I like Jackie’s support for leehom

  2. I thought it was cute. It’s like the third time Jackie’s “kissed” Leehom LOL… But they are already getting so much backlash on weibo sigh… :(

        • He hasn’t done much all summer other than hold tons of concerts and film for movie(s). Although he did recently do a photoshoot (which he rarely does) for Men’s Uno but I liked his Elle Men one more from earlier this year.

          Some clips from his Music Man 2 concert are definitely worth checking out though. Especially the acapella medley he did.

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