Cai Yun for Elle Homme

Look how gorgeous his smile is!

Fu Haifeng may have the fastest smash in the world, but Cai Yun makes up for it with a killer smile (and net play, determination, brilliance, etc. ) .

China’s first and only men’s doubles Olympic champion Cai Yun (and Fu Haifeng) is just one of the badminton team’s many male models. A revisit of the two photoshoots and one videoshoot he did for Elle Homme, narrated in pretty French by photographer Raphaël Olivier.

Watch him in HD! Thanks to floweryond@YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Cai Yun for Elle Homme

  1. Obviously they put something in the water at the badminton training facilities… he looks better than some actors I’ve seen in dramas!

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