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Love? Hate? I really love the feature slide on top. I also added sharing buttons at the bottom of each article (Facebok, Twitter, Tumblr ect.) What do you guys think? If people really dislike this I’ll change it back on Sunday…

20 thoughts on “New Theme

  1. one thing I noticed was that the scroll banner thing for new stories kind of has badly placed captions. Are you guys choosing to cut off the heads or is it automatic (no offense><)

    • Are you talking about the photos or the writing that goes with it? Both are automatic. If we want to make it look right, then we have to cut the photo and re-upload it just for the header. I did it for the Cecilia and Fan Bingbing posts so it should look better now?

  2. it’s less plain than before.
    i’m glad you’re keeping the blog up.
    i enjoy the posts/news/stories, helps me keep in touch with my chinese side

  3. I really like the thing on the top. Thanks for taking the initiative and actually changing the theme! Is there anyway to make any videos be above the cut at all ?

    I also think most of the download stuff is megaupload, which is closed I believe …

  4. It looks better now with the text-only header. We could probably try to get a new header that fits better, but probably not the biggest concern right now.

    I like that our Twitter feed is on the sidebar, although it doesn’t seem like it’s picking up updates from this site — is there any way to change the RSS feed source for the Cfensi Twitter?

    We should probably move the sidebar links (basically, from the “Chinese-Language Resources” section to the “Specific Artists” section) to a separate page. Right now, the sidebar looks too cluttered. And as for what Gab said above, we should probably also revamp all of the pages — but again, not the biggest priority right now.

    The text underneath the comment section (“Notify me of follow-up comments via email.” and “Notify me of new posts via email.”) isn’t showing up, because it’s white-on-white. Also, the category of which post shouldn’t be so obvious — right now, “Uncategorized” is placed right above “New Theme” (the post title), and it kind of detracts from the post title. But I think idarklight said we can’t edit the CSS/PHP for themes? If so, just something to take note of in the future.

    I like the buttons! :)

    • None of the headers I’ve tried worked that well, so sticking with the text version for now. I’m working on the Twitter thing… and I could’ve swore there was a cfensi facebook page too?

      I want to move all the links from the sidebar onto the “Resources” or “Affiliates” page, like you said the sidebar looks cluttered. I also cleaned up the pages tab a bit too, Benji and idarklight were talking about making this into a legit site so the download tab didn’t seem appropriate anymore.

      There is nothing I can do to change the theme =(

  5. I like this theme, but right now it looks messy with the headers not properly fitting and looking low-res. I think I liked the clean look of the old theme better though.

    The buttons are cool. :)

  6. It looks nice, but I don’t understand how to use it. I can’t get the photographs to show up on the front page…

  7. I kind of like it. The banner seems a little lowresolution though. Also random downloads is all broken … Don’t really know if we need it.

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