Su Miaoling Release EP “The Moment”

Su Miaoling, eeMedia newbie from Super Girls ’11, recently released her debut EP “The Moment“. Su Miaoling worked closely with her producer on this EP, going over the lyrics word by word, wishing to properly express and convey her experience from this past year. In one short year she when from a small town girl with a dream to a singer with an established fan base of thousands. From a contestant singing others’ songs to a singer with her own ideas as to the development of her own music. Listen to the title song below and Su Miaoling style promo posters below the cut.

“Time Portrait” (via znmdzsfsalcx182@youtube)

Sources: HNTV (1,2), Video (znmdzsfsalcx182)

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  1. She must be one of the few singers of mainland china who sings both Mandopop and Cantopop. Really good songs. She has got a very beautiful voice, deep and soft at the same time. Hearing her singing is a pleasure for my ears.

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