Wedding invitations, proposals, and other cuteness.

Seriously, why are Chinese stars so freaking happy this year? So much success in both careers and love that I don’t think I can handle all of them.

After dating for over eight years, diver Guo Jingjing is finally getting married to boyfriend Fok Kai-kong!  Guo Jingjing’s adorable wedding invitation were recently leaked out to the Hong Kong  press. See the photo before for their invitation, which features their baby pictures!

The divers aren’t the only ones tying the knot after the Olympics. In the badminton world, there’s plans for not one, but two marriages/weddings.   Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei gets revenge back on Lin Dan for beating him at the Olympics by leaking the date for Lin Dan’s wedding so that people can crash it.  The date is the 23rd of September. The bridesmaids and best men will be Li Xuerui, Wang Yihan, Bao Chunlai, Ren Quan and Chen Jin.

Speaking of Chen Jin. The bronze medalist from Beijing proposed to his girlfriend on September 1st by interjecting his proposal video into a movie after reserving an entire cinema. Pretty soon all that’s left of the male modeling team will be Li Gen  …    thank goodness Bao Chunlai is still single for all the fangirls.

Actress and former gymnast Liu Xuan also just admitted to formerly marrying in January to a Central Music Conservatory professor.

Also, I just found this music video of Li Xiaopeng and Li Anqi’s wedding in California. What an adorable pair. And yes, that’s Yang Wei break-dancing/pummelling away on the dance floor.

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