“Fairytale in Half” Release MVs for OST

“Half of a Fairytale” tells the story of twin sisters (Janine Chang) united after being separated at an early age. The main cast includes Lee Joon Hyuk (KDrama City Hunter), Zhu Zi Xiao (Unbeatable 3), and Mikan Liu Mei Han (this drama is girl group i-Me member Mikan’s acting debut). Along with the long list of guest appearances from eeMedia artists (including Zhang Han, Zheng Shuang, Top Combine members Zhang Yuan, Ma Xueyang, and Li Mao), well known faces like He Jiong, Li Qian, and Qi Wei also made special appearances. The drama is available on youku.

The Opening Theme “Love, With You is Complete” by Wei Chen
LoveVC1314 @ Youtube

“Happiness, No Longer Happy” by Fu Mengni (Leewongb2012 @ YT)

“Love in the Endless Night” by Huang Ying (fountainpark723 @ YT)

“Honey Honey” by i-Me (Ime Ime @ YT)

“Loving Two Different You” by Zhu Zixiao (fountainpark723 @ YT)

“If Not For You” by Top Combine (a1022033 @ YT)

11 thoughts on ““Fairytale in Half” Release MVs for OST

  1. Seriously… It’s really difficult to find the songs in this drama….
    Someone please tell me where I can download the songs…

  2. My favorite song is Fu mengni’s, too! I feel like her cuteness made people overlook how pretty her voice actually is (of course, the song in general is just a lot better and less generic than the other ones in the OST).

  3. I think Janine did a great job in separating the two twins but was very average in communicating emotions.

    Anyway, I absolutely love Kuai Le Bu Zai Kuai Le.

  4. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think Janine Chang is all that pretty and by no means a fabulous actress. Why is she everywhere this year?

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