Fan Bingbing for Elle

In her latest shoot with Elle, Fan Bingbing is exceptionally regal and queenly – asides from two scenes where she lets down her guard, as she laughs at the gourmet feast set before her. Watch out for her new film with Feng Shaofeng and Huo Siyan, Double Exposure 二次曝光 at the end of September. The movie features a theme song with lyrics written by Han Han and performed by Li Daimo. For those of you who, like us, can no longer access the dramaddicts blog – Double Exposure covers the story of a plastic surgery consultant (Fan Bingbing), who discovers that her plastic surgeon boyfriend (Feng Shaofeng) has been cheating on her with their friend (Huo Siyan). Shortly afterwards, Huo Siyan disappears and Fang Bingbing falls under suspect…

More pictures from the Elle photoshoot can be found under the cut.

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