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Since we weren’t able to contact or1ginal, who was graciously hosting us for the past three years, we’re going to be posting here instead until we work out a new server!

20 thoughts on “Back to wordpress!

  1. Are other themes compatible with a chatbox? I rather like the theme we have now — it’s very clean, but it doesn’t look like the typical “WordPress newbie” website because of the customized header.

    • I like this one a lot, too, but it doesn’t show up correctly width-wise. The Tong Liya photo, for example, doesn’t fit. It’s also very weird for it to only fit half of the website page.

  2. Just wondering, is it possible to get a cbox on here? Anyway, I just wanted to put it out there that Liu Shi Shi was voted the Golden Eagle Goddess and she performed at the opening ceremony. Sun Yang was also there and they took a photo together. ^_^

  3. Hey guys!

    Forgot about the Cfensi Twitter until one of you tried to reset the password and it went to my email. I’ve emailed Andrew (owner of several times about the domain being down and he said he’d look into it, but was very busy with college at the mo.

    Let’s start seriously discussing our own domain, I know Benji had a blog post with some excellent points.

  4. I thought its Amanda? She sent me the password for it a long time ago.. but I don’t have it anymore =(

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