Stills from Zhang Han’s recent dramas


Imperfect recovery.

O Kaitong, Kaitong, wherefore art thou Jiang Kaitong? Deny thy company and refuse thy role. Or, if thou wilt not, be but replaced by Zheng Shuang, and I’ll no longer be so sad..

After a rather slow year and a half for the eeMedia actor,  Zhang Han will be returning to our television screens on July 15th, alongside Chen Qiao’en, Mingdao, Godfrey Gao and Zhang Meng in a modern romantic comedy series The Queen of SOP 胜女的代价. While we await the return of Zhang Han’s beautiful face, here’s an update on what else his been up to.

While SOP Queen is still right up his alley of idol dramas, his two other lead roles go for variety.  Zhang Han plays the handsome jade-faced hero Luo Jin in the historical epic Heroes of Sui and Tang 隋唐演义.  The epic produced by the pingshu master Shan Tianfang is Zhang Han’s first major mainstream drama, and his first major drama with a first airing outside of Hunan TV. Instead, the series will be airing simultaneously  Anhui, Zhejiang, Shandong and Hebei Satellite channels.

And despite the youthful cast, his other modern work Waiting for the Blooming 等待绽放  is not an idol drama. With a more realistic focus on the struggles of recent theater academy grads, the series is perfect for its lead cast of Central Drama Academy graduates (Zhang Han, Jiang Kaitong, Li Xiaoman, and Zhao Chulun). The drama has been lots of fun for Zhang Han, allowing him to play a wide range of roles as an actor in the series.  Though this may the be Zhang Han and Jiang Kaitong’s second time (Fall in Love) playing an onscreen couple, there is no need for Han Shuang shippers to panic because we all know Han Shuang is True Love.

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