Vae goes crazy in Poil de Carotte MV JUNE 24, 2012

Vae goes crazy in Poil de carotte MV


Based on the French novel Poil de carotte, singer Vae‘s new song of the same name 胡萝卜须 takes a surreal and grim look on life.  I’m rather in love with both the fantastical MV and the song itself.  I think Vae is both the mole and Poil de carotte himself in the MV, but I can’t be sure. English translation of lyrics below the cut.

Which came first, egg or chicken?
Which came first, male or female?
Adults have no time to think,
and children have no answers
The light shines on the head
the heat activates the brain cells
a bit more audience and he’ll be nervous
but less audience and he’ll be worried
on the stage of youth, people come and go
people’s look, but an animal’s heart
pride and prejudice takes turn to visit
in various forms
If all the childhood memories left
are a few cries
one person’s life
no love, no hope
Oh, Poil de Carotte grabs the mole
throw it in the sky
and then stares at it
stares until its limbs are broken
muscles strained
and brain explodes
Oh, Poil de Carotte is not cruel enough
the hand trembles
the hot tears fell
can he escape?
where is the way out?
He’s never had a home

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