Feng Shaofeng succeeds in cinema debut with White Vengeance


LIu Yifei and Feng Shaofeng in White Vengeance

Both a Battle God and one of the iconic tragic romance symbols, Xiang Yu comes to life with Feng Shaofeng.

After fellow Palace/Gong star Yang Mi held up the box office of the best selling horror film in Chinese history,  Feng Shaofeng made his first debut as a major film lead in White Vengeance.  Cast alongside veterans Leon Lai, Zhang Hanyun, Huang Qiusheng and Crystal Liu YifeiFeng Shaofeng managed to be the breakout actor, wooing viewers with his 180 degree change from a pretty face to a fierce warlord.

According to sina, “Lookwise, Feng’s Xiangyu has all of Xiangyu’s majestic fierceness. Actingwise, his protrayal is just as commendable: he combines the Western Chu Warlord’s outwardly strength and power , the hero’s angst and anger, the child’s reliance on Fan Zeng, and the lover’s hidden emotions for Yu Ji. Be it questioning Liu Bang or parting ways with Fan Zeng, the complexity is shown through his eyes. In the war scenes, he perfectly exhibits Xiang Yu’s status as a battle god, making him the most prominent character of the film. ”

Watch the romance trailer for White Vengeance below from @YouTube:

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A graduate of the Shanghai Drama Academy, Feng Shaofeng has mostly played roles in smaller dramas, slowly bidding his time until his recent explosion of popularity from Palace earlier this year. Huayi was quick to help him maintain that success, giving him major roles in both this and an upcoming film with Fan Bingbing, as well as a supporting role in Painted Skin II. Opportunity comes to those who are prepared, and Yang Mi and Feng Shaofeng has had enough experience and skills in the industry to seize upon this opportunity to take on and excel in their respective new roles.

“When it was first announced that I was to play Xiang Yu, many people questioned the decision.  The director trusted me, and I can’t let him down.  I had no way out and had  to act sincerely.  I believed I was Xiang Yu.”  To express Xiang Yu’s large build, Feng Shaofeng said that he would lift weights any time he has free time for the two months.  “In those times,Xiang Yu gave me his spirit, and I gave him life.”

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