2011 Super Girls unveals its 13 national competitors


Super Girls top 13 DL Group brings out fire with their innovative performances.

Super Girls top 13 DL Group brings out fire with their innovative performances.

The yearly Super Girls is back again, and with the amazing director Ma Han of eeMedia.  Other than the usual competition, the series will also have a side reality show that shows the girls’ personalities as they cohabit with each other in the Super Girls Swan Castle.   What happens when Big Brother meets Super Girls?  Watch and find out.

An introduction of the top thirteen competitors below. Who’s your favorite?

All-star Hong Chen
Champion of the Hangzhou region, Hong Chen combines her Jiangnan beauty with a powerful voice.  I consider her the one most in position for champion. What do you think?




From cute to graceful, Yang Yang 杨洋 reminds me of the Yu Kewei in 2009. Not the most memorable, but definitely one of the most skilled.

The only Sichuan Music Conservatory student to make it into the top 13 this year, the polished Yu Jiali 喻佳丽 finally exceeds in a singing competition after three years of many music competitions.

Vocally considered the strongest, Wang Yijie 王艺洁 has the ability to win. However,I don’t think she’ll be successful in the future given the fact that she’ll never find songs that fit her.



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The most creative and atmosphere-making group, the cousin duo of DL group spices up the stage with every performance. Although the weakest in terms of vocals, DL makes it up with their personalities that shine on stage. They even compose, too!


Former JYP trainee Liu Xin returns home with trained vocals and all types of performances. The singer is not only loved on stage, but proved to be the best team leader and one of the most loved off stage.

Fierce and controlled, Li Sidanni grabs the audiences attention in her opening act. Trivia: She was kissed by Fan Bingbing in Buddha Mountain.




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I feel like the 20 to 13 competion leaned a bit over in terms of looks over voice. Lu Xiang 陆翊 is the youngest and considered the prettiest of the group, while Jin Yinling 金银玲 combines her sweet look with her fierce Taekwondo blackbelt and all-around performing skills. There aren’t any YouTube videos of the two, and my computer is too tired, so click on their names to watch their Tudou videos.

With gorgeous crescent-shaped eyes, Sun Xinxin 孙昕欣 is one of three flat media models in the top 13.

Of all the pretty girls, Fu Mengni 付梦妮 stands out as being the only one left who goes for cute rather than sexy. The girl is a stable singer, if not dancer, and I can see her going the Cyndi Wang route successfully.




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Unique voices

As the only guitarist left, Duan Linxi 段林希abandons the usual taciturn guitarist idea. Instead, with her cute smile and a clear voice, she brings a smile to everyone. She’s definitely my favorite guitar performer to join eeMedia so far.


With a deep and melodious voice, Su Miaoling 苏妙玲 brings one back to the sweetness of the 90′s while being refreshing at the same time.

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